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The European Union / Ministry of Energy and Water  | Save Energy 

Revolution Film is dedicated to turning your ideas into reality, emphasizing high-quality production and fast delivery, making us unique.

With more than 15 years of experience, our team manages all aspects of video production, from storyboard to final edits. 

Our successful projects have been executed for clients both locally and internationally, with shoots in countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Dubai (UAE), Qatar, France, Italy, Turkey, India, and the United States. 

We use cutting-edge equipment and technology to guarantee that every project is of the highest quality.

The list goes on; have a look at our projects across the Middle East and around the world.

McDonald's | brings US all together 

GulfNet Telecom | Innovative Life

Ghassan Saliba | Music video

Olio Del Libano | Olive oil 

Alvira | Luxury Accessories

Kuwait Fund | Ramadan

McDonald's | Breakfast | The Farm

Acqua Eva | Water 

Al Rifai | No Rifai ... No Fun 

Mena Holding | Your partner 

Bank of Palestine

 Ministry of Energy and Water

McDonald's | Filet-o-Fish

Sara | Be the star 

Kallista | Yours Forever

Centro Mall | All about you Dad

McDonald's | Breakfast | The office

The European Union / Ministry of Energy and Water | Generate on the roof 

McDonald's | Breakfast | Ronald

Kuwait Fund | 60 years

Alvira | Luxury Accessories

Ministry of Energy and Water | Net meter

Ministry of Energy and Water | Solar heater

 Khodor Barbar | Music video

  Bank of Palestine

Al Misk Holding | Ramadan

Abraaj | Water

Italian Home Lighting | Lite up your Life

Lebanese Army 

The European Union / Ministry of Energy and Water | A friend indeed


Caritas | Together we make a difference

La Baguette

McDonald's | Ronald

Oula | Part of your life

 Amana Capital | Your choice 

  Arcom | Passion for ceramics 



McDonald's | Save energy

Arcom | Passion for ceramics 

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